The beginning of a Journey…

Honduras <—– Scotland

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

— Neale Donald Walsch.

Welcome to my blog! With only a few days until I actually leave for Honduras (still can’t get over saying that) I thought I better get round to building my blog. Most likely it will be my friends and family who read this but for anybody new, welcome, my name is Harriet Duffus and I’m an 18-year-old girl from Scotland embarking on a year-long trip teaching with Project Trust in Honduras. Four quick facts about me before I dive in: 1) I’m an obsessive plant-mother who has more cacti, succulents and house plants than foot space in her bedroom 2) My biggest pet-peeve is incorrect spelling and grammar; the irony however is that I’m awful at spelling and you will inevitably encounter many mistakes throughout this blog, so who am I to judge really 3) Being truthful I still love the High School Musical songs (apart from the ones from the third film they are rubbish – no offence – despite how embarrassing that is to say, ‘breaking free’, ‘I don’t dance’ and ‘gotta go my own way’ are my recommendations if you fancy a listen 4) I truly love reading and writing, whether that is fiction novels or topical articles about interesting subject matter, I just really enjoy learning about new topics and then trying it out myself

Anyways, back on topic, I am going to be working with Project Trust who is a charity that for the past 50 years has been sending around 300 17-19 year-olds all over the globe annually, expanding to almost all the continents with the intent of these volunteers having a positive impact – which is through teaching, social care and outward bound projects. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with 6/10 households being subjected to extreme poverty. With that, you have probably heard it in the news recently, among other Central American countries for the horrendous migrant crisis causing these migrant caravans to pop up along the Mexico-US border. However, Honduras is a wonderful country with several important Mesoamerican cultures, its beautiful Bay Islands are part of the second largest coral reef in the world, Honduran food is a fusion of indigenous (Lenca) cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Caribbean cuisine and African cuisine which sounds delicious and it is a football fanatic country to name a few great qualities. In Honduras, I have been placed at a project called Miqueas 6.8, where myself and my partner Gemma – who is fab by the way, I feel we will get on really well – will be working in a family home for children, teaching, tutoring and running activities as well as working in the local primary school – I will go into further detail in future blog posts when this becomes a reality and I can give an accurate representation of my daily life.

Whenever anyone asked me ‘Harriet, how are feeling about Honduras?’ I replied with the same answer ‘excited but quite nervous’ which is quite normal, although as time progressed and my leaving date drew nearer and nearer the nerves and almost sadness did increase marginally as I am dreading saying goodbye to my family but my excitement about the adventure that awaits has increased tenfolds. I know that this point in my life it is necessary I have a change, everyone around me is moving onto the next phase, whether that is university or a job or something else equally exciting – so this may be a massive change but one I want to take, so that I can grow as a person and experience a different way of life. I know I am not saving the world through what I’m doing but if I am able to pass on my knowledge to even one child and influence their life then in my opinion, I have achieved something.

This blog is just going to be my life in Honduras over the next year. I will try to post as often and regularly as possible but life can be busy and hectic sometimes so please bear with me. Even if only one person other than me was ever to read this I would not mind because this is essentially a virtual diary for me to look back on in the future and recount all the amazing experiences I have had – which if there is anyone reading this you can experience them too, through this blog.

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